Sunday, May 14, 2006

Everyone needs somebody
to tell their secrets to.
Someone who understands them,
someone who's just like you.

When no one seems to care,
you always stick right by my side;
When my world gets dark and confusing,
I can count on you to be my guide.

We've experienced so much together,
but we always make it through,
Out of everybody in the world,
I'm glad God gave me you.

I know sometimes we argueover a stupid joke or lie,
But no matter what,
I can always be sure
our friendship will never die.

You've been there for me through thick and thin
and have helped me through it all.
When I have a problem or need your help,
all I have to do is call.

With you, my world is a better place
and with you, my world is true;
If I only had one friend left,
I'd want it... to be you.

3 Thoughts:

JUDE said...

yea this onez a dedication to al ma frends.....thankin them fer stickin by me..becumin d punchin bags wen i blew up.....calmin me dwn wen it ws practically impossible.....helpin me out...guiding me..advising me which hardly i tuk(whoevr takes advises..:d)....and then jus fer being my FRENDS......
thanx ppl
luv u all loads!!
n i hope u noe who u all r...:D

Anonymous said... speechless...still in search of such a friend...wud love 2 hv mr of such poems
had to create an account just to post this comment :-)


Sana said...

thanks Ankur !
And yeah this is so totally dedicated to two very special people...
love u guys !