Sunday, September 16, 2007


The journey which I am about to undertake is quite different from the one's I have taken before. I consider it a spiritual journey. A satisfying journey. I have decided to take this journey to free myself from the expectations and the norms that bind me to this materialistic,unsatisfying and greedy environment. Breathing seems impossible,suffocate to survive. Words can't be heard, scream till you die. I am lost in the melodrama of the footsteps, lost in the wilderness and the smooth roughness of his voice. He is the leader of the pack of wolves that scream,growl and wave for his attention. It is a place where you must let go of everything that holds you down. Let go of whatever binds you to the intricacies of life.

I feel like a free soul, soaring high.

I feel like a puppet, in the hands of time.

This place is a cross-cultural entity. All around me I see unfamiliar faces, worn out faces. I drop my head and drown in my sorrow 'cause there will be a no tomorrow like this. Music is the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. It brings people from different races,cultures,ethics,moral backgrounds together.Not a big fan of the hip hop culture, I feel Rock is what spells music - good,fulfilling,enduring music. That specific genre has people swinging to it,completely lost and untouched and I can say that with proof.Been there, done that.

His voice is deep matched with a prerogative tone. He knows what he can do with it. We know what he can do with it. We raise our hands, bow our heads, close our eyes and get ready to take a journey through the unknown. Colours,tones,lines and words describe the moment.Spatial relationships, proximities and time-lines attempt to hide/reveal what is happening.

I can hear voices. Sometimes past events echo and manifest themselves again in future entities. The pitch falls high and low. The waves from the microphone feel like the waves in the sea. Mesmerizing,engulfing and drowning you with each note that echoes through it.

Then everything comes to a sudden standstill. The music stops,the crowd gasps as he says that it would be all for tonight. The crowd screams for more of him in unison.I scream but my voice in lost amongst the voices of the heard.

He smiles,gets on stage. Clasps his hand in the form of an Indian greeting and plays one last song before he retires.

His voice could still be heard from far away. There were voices in my head that I awoke to so many times during the night just to hear the one last beat, a single note, to feel a faint glimpse of that beautiful faraway feeling that caught me unawares and left me standing,wanting for more.