Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ebay - For babies too !

I am still working and no they haven't fired me for updating my blog.Hell I am waiting for one of them to come and ask me what it is that I am doing.The Editor-in-chief aka the captain of the ship keeps checking on me every two hours or something and the whole place is wired.Its a newspaper org so you do have the whole place setup in a network FYI.
The first thing that I am supposed to be doing when I start the day is to come and check for the latest news through this network or forum or software installed in computers which goes by the name Front Desk which keeps filtering news every minute from various news agencies around the world - AFP,AP,Reuters etc. The place that I am working at has tie ups with the NY Times so we keep throwing in headlines from there too. So at once I have 8 pages open - BBC,NY Times, Google etc etc, just to check what they are running as cover stories for the day.
So, I was as usual going about my days work when I came across this story that rattled about how a couple from Germany used ebay as a source to sell of their 8 month old son.The couple when questioned by police said that they had done it in the form of a joke (what sense of humor is that anyway??) and that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.What were these people thinking really when they did something like that.Did they think that the authorities wouldn't find out or the Internet is just plain dumb to have not registered the auction as a joke ! Come on ! They need better defense than that.
The offer on ebay was something like this;
"Baby — collection only. Offer my nearly new baby for sale because it cries too much. Male, 70 cm long." and the opening bid was one euro,$1.58.
No one else really thought it was a joke and many people across Germany reported this to authorities who went ahead and busted the young couple.The women who is 23 years old claimed that it was a joke and she just basically wanted to see if anyone would make an offer.Her baby was taken to the hospital and she needs to be taking tests at the psychiatric clinic. I don't think thats enough for a woman who actually wanted to sell her own self and blood.
I wonder why people go ahead and have babies if all they want to do is sell them off.
Unwanted pregnancies you say. Use contraceptives. There are loads to choose from in the market. Maybe you can even let them be adopted.They are hell loads of agencies around who work for children welfare.
Selling?! really?!

DARK....... NOTT !

I was whiling away time at work today not that I am the most important person around.Working at some top class newspaper organization for me will always be defined as deadlines and people running around doing stories for the next days paper.Its amazing to see how these people function.They are always on their toes searching and updating the latest news and information that may prove benificial or not effective for the people around.And wow are they fast ! Its only my second day but I find myself being really slow compared to everyone else.True that these people have been working for over the past so many years but then I am not someone who is patient.Not that i was born an Einstein but still whatever.
So yeah the main purpose to write this today was to update my blog which I haven't really for the past month and a half.I wanted to write something for so long but then I have had this writer's block for sometime now.Not that I am unable to think. I just have a lot of things playing on my nerves right now.
I have some people telling me that I write well but then they find my writings dark and gloomy and sad (?). They say that a persons writings gives us an in-depth analysis of how we actually are. I am a sensitive person and a EMOTIONALLY STABLE one too. I do write things that are "sad looking" or they may even sound the same but if what I am actually doing is searching within me for answers then I dont think there is anything really wrong with that.Everyone has their own ways to perceive and feel the things around.Some go deep.Some touch the first few layers and are satisfied with what they get.So yes its all about a man-to-man perspective.
Delving into deep is just questioning yourself on a more depthful basis.Allows you to get to know yourself better.Atleast in my opinion.
So yes bottom line is my blog is not sad or dark or gloomy.If it looks like anything of the sort..increase the resolution and the brightness of your system.