Saturday, September 16, 2006


This world is materialistic
This world is not for me
There are people who surround me
They are there to protect
But I still walk a lonely road.
I feel like I am a puppet
A puppet,who's strings are attached
to uncertainties.
They define their expectations
With no marks
I dont know what to do
I dont know what they are expecting of me
They say a man is born free
But I see myself tangled up in chains
Bound by ethical and social norms
I feel I m losing what is mine
I feel it will all slip away one day
This life is mine but ironically
not mine at all
I am not mine!!
I feel like a bird in a cage
Desperately trying to break free
From the stainless steel bars
that separate her from reality
I feel lonely and unwanted
You say you know me
You say you love me
But,honestly tell me
How much of those words hold truth?
Am I not yet another creation of God?
Do I not have feelings?
Why is that I have to change
Mould myself in a way
a way that you want
Why do I feel that I am not wanted,the way I am
Why does it always have to be me
who showers unconditionally
And in return I am stated conditions
Life isn't fair,
So,why bother living it
For whom do we work so hard?
Why toil ourselves
When we aren't satisfied
What is the purpose of our existence
I want to make a difference
I want to be given the chance
to commit my own childish mistakes
I want to fall down and hurt myself
I want to feel the pain
I want things to change
I want to break the monotony
of following aimlessly
Age old trends without reason
There are too many things happening
Too much chaos
Too many unanswered questions
But,there is one question
I want to ask you
And you have to answer me
Is it so hard
To let me be free?!?!