Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jago and VOTE ! :D

Hi, everyone!

My cousin Emmaluz submitted an entry in a scholarship contest sponsored by Converse. I'd like to request your assistance by voting for her entry and if it won't take much of your time, forward this message to your friends as well.

You may vote for her entry through the link below:

Thank you very much for your time.

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Jaycee Perez

25> 50 :D

As it has been declared that it is Eid tomorrow, everyone goes mighty mad the way they do every year. I don't understand the logic behind going nuts shopping for a festival! I mean what's going to happen if you actually don't get the right kind of dress..I am sure you wouldn't fall on that side of the poverty line.

I am sure no one would really go hungry in your house if you didn't cook a lavish meal because food just keeps pouring in from all corners.

Anyway, I went out and got my stuff today after a week of ragging by my Grandmom. Its all good. She thinks I dress too less not in terms of the amount of clothing I put on but the kind of clothes that I wear. She says they are insufficient to make me look like a girl. No clue what point she wants to make. I have enough boobies to make me look like a girl *Too much information not required*

Now this year I planned on surprising her by being "elegantly" and "femininely" dressed so I planned upon getting a pair of matching bangles and earrings and all that jazz. So after getting the kurti from Shoppers Stop, I decided upon going to Lad Bazar. For all you noobies who haven't ever been to Hyderabad, Lad Bazar is at Charminar where you get the most amazing bangles in the world * its a universal claim by all womankind so shut it*

So I am at there and let me give you a little insight. Lad bazar is always full of people. Men, women, children, idiots who don't really know how to park their cars, scumbag cyclists who park their treasured wheels in places of cars. There is hardly any place to walk and there is no such thing as a pavement.

No sir ! Pavements are banned. In India, you walk on the road like you own it !

So anyway getting back to topic, I was making my way through the crowded street of a strangely familiar area. I know this place yet I am always confused. I find a decent looking shop and make my way in. I stand at the counter looking for a pair of matching studs or hangings. I wanted to look all girley and strangely the thought excited me :|

A while later a woman in her early thirties walks in balancing a zillion handbags. Almost all of them are branded. She looks well educated too and by well educated I mean decent looking, not the usual "burkha" clad women who are too loud for their own ears. She was nice ! Like how black RnB singers will call a woman FINE in that typical accent in every song they sing. *Fiieeeeeennn*

One of the young attendants approach her and she asks for matching jewellery, make up and bangles *wow...some people have all the money to waste*

Educated Woman: Bhaiyya woh dikhana ( Brother, show me that)
Attendant: yeh wala madam? ( This one madam?)

EW: Nahin, uske side wala ( No, the one on the side)
*Attendant takes it out and shows it to her*

EW: Kitna lagarein bhaiyya? ( How much are you labelling it brother?)
A: pacchis rupaye madam ( 25 rupees madam)

EW: Kya? Pacchis Rupaye !!! (what ?? 25 Rs!!)
A: Isse kam nahin milta madam ( You won't get less than this madam)

EW: Kam nahin milta...kal hi main pacchas main leke gayi (I bought it for 50 rs yesterday)

And the attendant just stared at her. I stared at her. We all stared at her. The educated woman didn't know Hindi "ginti" or numbers in Hindi. It was weirdly funny !

Moral of the story is if you can't talk in your matrbhasha, don't even try to at least not in a store !