Wednesday, January 25, 2006


He is usually there in all my history classes and he is even my chemistry lab partner.He is so handsome.He sits opposite to me in class where I can see him clearly.He keeps looking at me and I keep looking at him.We are both lost in our own worlds while my teacher is teaching.Strange but true,he doesn't stare at any other girl in class but me.Weirdo!
Let me introduce this hunk to you.he has got these gorgeous eyes,if you try to wander into them you will never be able to find your way out easily.He also comes to me in those days when I have my exams.I try to make him go away but he sticks to me like flubber.I like that way of his..stubborn and firm...oh so attractive...the way he bosses me over.Always getting his own way.It's usually during those most important times when you have to pay full attention,he takes advantage of such times.It's an experience,believe me,when someone so tempting and seductive is sitting right next to you,it's just really hard to put your heart to work.
I always fall into those already laid out traps for me.I love him in many ays.I luv the way he controls me,hypnotizes me.He is mine.
Well,most of you must be waiting to be told who he is.He is ranked as No.1 among the lazy people in the world.He is the One and Only..............................................................................................

Thursday, January 19, 2006

And when your fears subside And shadows still remain I know that you can love me When there's no one left to blame So never mind the darkness We still can find a way 'Cause nothin' lasts forever Even cold November rain

Friday, January 13, 2006

Sometimes I feel,
There is a lot to achieve,
There is a long journey ahead,
Inwhich there is no place for beds.
People mark me out of this world,
Words hurt me like the sword,
Courage,my friend,never lets me down.
Storms of defeat signal rains of triumph.
Is His message to swim for the cause of the crown.
Dreams are flowers which rule one's night,
Realities are thorns which live without diet.
Love other's life,your's will be long.
There is nothing to cheer in this world of tears,
Every moment of smile has message of fears.
Smiles of hope can overcome tears of end
Message of words is ended to tears
But people say
it's a collection of dots of absurds.


It was the day when the Sun
Did not seem bright.
It was the day when the moon seemed light,
And the stars were not so charming.
Everything was still and quiet
It was the day when I blamed my fate
For everything that was happening in my life
It was the day when the flowers did not bloom
And the day was like a dark nightI
t was the day when there was no one for me
Was I that bad
Was I not at all nice,I wondered
It was the day he left me
With moist eyes,
And a sea of tears and sorrows to hide.