Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Fool an Auto guy For Dummies !

@ Lifestyle which is just 5 minutes from where I have to go to and i know autos charge a lot..hardly would be sum 15 rs..

Sana: Bhaiyya...chalte?
Autowala: Kahan jana hai?

Sana: Noor khan Bazar
Autowala: Aao betho

*I trick him into taking me to Noor khan which is a good 10 kms away.the reason I did that was because i know they charge more fer places nearby*

Sana: *fakes a phone call* arre what happened ya....injury ho gayi?? *pause*
shit!!! *long pause*
*Auto wala in the mean time is looking at my face through the rear view mirror*

Sana: acha tu ruk ghar pe..we will go to the hospital together..
bhaiyya idhar somajiguda pe chodna(;eave) hai...sorry bhaiya..

Autowala: acha thik hai


13 Thoughts:

trishula said...

I did that a couple of times before.Sure does work ..! Auto has become a luxury of late,so i take my car . lol.

shuuuu said...

sannnaammmmmaa tumhaare ideaass naaa .... bhaa bhaa .. fake fone calll and duping autowaalass .. sexyy i say ... :).. hhehehe nice nice

Vivek N. Shah said...

it is the awesome I say :D

Sharada said...


letter shredder said...


well, even though i think i'll be able to grasp at least 20 percent of the conversations in ur blog, i really find urs cool.

keep blogging!


RituRaz said...

better way is to ask him in advance and abuse hin if he says anything moe than the normal rate. ALso, after u get don give hi a few gaalis: m*kde, m**dar ch*t,l**jak**da etc. and threatedn to take hi to RTA. if he's tough, just beat him up

Sana said...

I wil just carry u arnd ritu :P

vj8 said...

this worked! may be you had a stint at a theatrics workshop,

I end up paying more than what is, just coz the inflation is high, the traffic sucked, or its was too hot and the autowalah did a service by dragging me all along from home to work, or just because the auto walah thinks; chillar kya lete anna, lite le lo!

Sana said...

hahhaha @ chillar kya lete :P
dude are u srs !?
damnn ! i swear i wil get some autos seized tom..u just wait

RituRaz said...

hehehe.. i fully support u. these sons of bitches are taking inflation to the next level. U ask an autowallah at teh staion "anna, alwal" and he says do sau rupiya do, without blinking an eyelid...

Amy said...

genious!! good going!! good lesson for all who are being fleeced by all these f***'ing auto walas..:D

Sushobhan Sen said...

Hahaha... that was a good one! But what can we do about these autowallahs, who are acting like rogues?!

Zeon said...

I've done that couple'a times.